• Apple messaging app helps to communicate with family and friends without using any social media apps. Also, it allows you to communicate with a few peoples at the same time with group conversation. It isn't very comforting when the members keep sending a message to a group conversation. So, the users are trying to find a way how to leave a group chat on iPhone and iPad. 

    Therefore we are going to introduce two methods which help to leave the group chat on iMessage.

    How to leave a group chat on iPhone

    Mute the group chats with hiding alert on iMessage group Conversation.

    Sometimes, you want to leave the group chat for a short time. It can be a day or a short period. At this time, you can use hide alert or do not disturb the option to group chat. Follow this guide to mute group chat.

    1. Open the messaging app, and select group chats you want to mute.

    2. Now tap on group name on top and select info option

    3.On the info page, you can get a list of iMessage options. Find a Hide Alerts option and turn on the toggle switch

    4. Until you off the toggle switch, you will not get any notifications from this group. 

    Leave a group chat on iPhone and iPad

    This solution is permanent, and you will not get any message after leaving the conversation. Also, you cannot read any new messages.

    1. Open Message app on iPhone and iPad

    2. Select group, you want to leave and tap on the name of the group.

    3. Now select the info option

    4. Scroll down until seeing the Leave this Conversation on the info page.

    5. Tap on Leave this Conversation, and it will ask again Leave this Conversation with a popup message. Tap on it and confirm and leave the group chat. Then you will not get any message from this conversation.

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